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  "Give a Man a fish he will eat for a day, Teach him how to fish he will live forever."   Lao Tzu

Taveuni Adventures is an Australian business organisation providing business services and assistance to communities on the island of Taveuni. 

We have been visiting Taveuni and providing booking services for local businesses since 2004. We are one of the largest and most popular provider of specialist booking services for the island

Our focus is Taveuni, our passion is Taveuni, because we live it, breathe it and understand it well!


Our mission is to help indigenous Fijian people re-define who they are, take responsibility of their lives and hence take control of their future outcomes, through raising cultural and environmental awareness and responsible management of human and natural resources. 

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aims and objectives

Our specific aims are to:

  • Provide skills, knowledge and business opportunities to Fijians to provide a wider choice in earning a living for their families and communities.
  • Provide skills and resources to provide a healthier living standard for families and communities across Taveuni.
  • Raise cultural awareness within Fijians and non-Fijians in order to promote a better understanding and unity amongst all people.
  • Raise environmental awareness and the importance of conservation within the people of Taveuni and Fiji Islands.

Our objectives are to:

Set-up sustainable communities, throughout Taveuni, by providing income from multiple sources such as ecotourism, agriculture and transport. Provide valuable cultural exchange between visitors/ tourists and traditional indigenous Fijian people by introducing a homestay stay and village tour program. Provide strict environmental and cultural guidelines to ensure the sustainability and minimal impact on the environment and the indigenous people.
  • Provide new ways to enable indigenous people to stay within their communities, maintain their culture and traditions, thus reducing the poverty burden and high crime rate on larger cities from the rural-urban migration currently occurring in Fiji.

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Our vision is to: 

  • Maintain cultural and environmental biodiversity within Fiji and other Pacific Islands.
  • Build indigenous communities that are interdependent, communal and self-resourceful providing a higher standard of living for communities.
  • Support integrated infrastructure improvements in communication, roads and transport thus improving the island's economic prospects by allowing better logistical movement of goods and services within the island.
  • Provide management plans to protect the remnant rainforest, mangroves and natural habitat from further exploitation.

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