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Online bookings can be made, simply by clicking on the link below. Once your availability and price is confirmed, a booking confirmation email will be sent to you, with details on how you can secure the booking.

A 20% deposit payment will be required (within 24-48 hours of receiving your booking confirmation email) to secure your booking, otherwise we will not be able to hold it for you.

Taveuni Adventures provides a secure PayPal payment facility or direct deposit (Australian clients only).

Please read our terms and conditions before making any bookings.

Please bookmark this page, so that you can return easily.

Make booking

Click on the following link to book.

1. Accommodation

2. Holiday Rentals

3. Adventure Tours

4. Diving

5. Game Fishing

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Deposit Payment

Click on the deposit link to access required forms for deposit payments.

Please note that your deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE, however.should you need to cancel your booking, then the deposit can be used toward another Taveuni Adventures booking with 12 months of the day the deposit was paid.

For Accommodation, (20% deposit) and diving (20% deposit)

  • The balance of your trip is either paid upon arrival (for smaller resorts and dive operator) or within 30 days of your arrival (for larger resorts).

For Holiday Rentals (15% deposit)

  • The balance of your trip is paid within 45 days of your arrival in Fiji.

For Adventure Tours (20% deposit)

    • The balance of your trip is paid upon arrival

For Game Fishing (20% deposit)

  • The balance of your trip is paid upon arrival

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Once your booking has been confirmed click on the following link(s) to make the required deposit payment.

Accommodation deposit

Holiday Rental deposit

Adventure Tour deposit

Diving deposit payment

Game Fishing deposit

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Useful Information

Please note: Some of the smaller and cheaper accommodation facilities do not have credit card facilities. They only take cash, so it is essential that you take enough cash with you to cover the costs of your accommodation and other activities and purchases.

You may also wish to purchase local handicrafts, travel by cab, dive or eat from local eateries or restaurants, so for personal spending, bring Fijian currency with you, a minimum of FJ$50-$100 per person per day (depending on what activities you do).

There is Bank of South Pacific ATM cash machine, located in Naqara, (the main town of Taveuni), which takes foreign credit cards, to enable you to withdraw the local currency, for a fee. However, at times it runs out of cash or does not work, so be warned.

Larger shops at Matei, Naqara and Wairiki do have credit card cash wirthdrawl facilities, however at these facilities, if you decide to withdraw money (cash advance) you will be charged between 5-10%. So be warned!

Tip: If you want the best exchange rate, we recommendation you exchange to local currency at the Western Union or Westpac bank kiosk located at Nadi airport. Only use the local ATM cash machine (in Naqara), if you need extra cash.

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